Electric alarm clock

What is the negative impact on health?

Often without knowing it, the clock radio or electric alarm clock is the cause of many sleep problems.

An electric alarm clock generates a low-frequency electromagnetic field just next to your head.

This prevents a good night’s sleep that is essential to recuperate.

What can you do?

Remove the electric alarm clock or clock radio from your nightstand and opt for a battery-powered alarm clock or cell phone in airplane mode.

If you still want to keep these devices, put them at least 3 meters away from your bed.

If you put your smartphone in airplane mode, it can safely continue to be used as an alarm clock because all forms of communication and radiation were turned off by doing so.

How can Penta Power help you?

You swear by your electric clock radio? The combination of a Penta Power Multi Tag on the alarm clock and a Penta Power Gold Tag on the night table, transforms all radiation into positive energy.

An easy and efficient solution.

Follow these simple instructions for placement and use of Penta Power Tags

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