Penta Power has the Emoto label. What does this mean?

The Emoto label is a quality label awarded by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. He observed that water responds to various external influences , such as words, music and thoughts. Emoto saw that ice crystals changed depending on the energy transferred to them. When water is exposed to positive words, these form beautiful symmetrical crystals. However, when it is exposed to negative words, irregular or ugly crystals form.

Masaru Emoto’s lab has tested the operation of the Penta Power Tags extensively tested and based on the remarkably beautiful harmonic water crystals that are formed , awarded Penta Power the Emoto label in 2012.

These water crystals, photographed by Masaru Emoto, were formed from water that stood on the Penta Power Tags. They show the harmonizing effect of the Tags. Penta Power is therefore proud of its Emoto Label. This label is awarded only to a limited selection of the world’s most harmonious products.

Penta Power has the Emoto Label