Bed frame in metal or mattress with metal springs: instructions for placement and use of Penta Power Tags

The Penta Power Quatro Tag and the Penta Power Gold Tag are necessary for any bed, but for a bed with metal springs, they are more useful than ever:

  • Glue the Penta Power Quatro Tags to the bed frame. The set consists of four Tags to be glued in the four corners, either all at the bottom or all at the top. The Tags adhere easily to treated wood, metal or plastic. If your bed is covered with fabric or (imitation) leather, a drop of liquid glue can work wonders.
Neutralize radiation for a good night's sleep with the Penta Power Quatro Tag on your bed

  • The Penta Power Gold Tag can be placed on the nightstand, under the pillow, under the mattress or on the floor.
Straking in the bedroom

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